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The Mission of the University of Gdańsk

 The Mission of the University of Gdańsk

  1. The University of Gdańsk carries out its mission by upholding the principles of freedom of expression and conscience, freedom of teaching, freedom of research, and freedom of artistic creativity.
  2. There can be no place at the University for any forms of discrimination.
  3. The Mission of the University is:
    • To educate students so that they can gain and develop knowledge and prepare themselves for professional employment;
    • To conduct scientific and scholarly research and development work;
    • To educate and develop the skills of its academic staff;
    • To inculcate in undergraduate and postgraduate students a sense of responsibility for the Polish state, for the defence of democratic principles, and for respect for human rights;
    • To create conditions that offer equal opportunities for disabled persons through education and vocational rehabilitation;
    • To promote the development of the physical well-being of students, doctoral students and staff;
    • To contribute to and spread achievements in science and scholarship, the culture of Poland, and technology by, among other things, accumulating, storing and making accessible library collections, and by promoting modern information technology;
    • To act for the good of the Pomorze community and Poland as a whole;
    • To support the scientific and professional careers of the graduates of the University.

The University, in carrying out its mission as defined in paragraph 3, cooperates with scientific/scholarly, artistic and other institutions in Poland and abroad, and participates in the creation of a European higher education space.

The Statute of the University of Gdańsk, Chapter I, paragraph 5

Translator: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Last updated: 04.01.2010