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Accommodation at the University

The University owns 11 dormitories situated in different parts of the Tri-City. Most rooms in student dormitories are double. Rooms are furnished, bed clothes are changed every three weeks. There are shared showers (take your own towels!) and kitchens equipped with a cooker, a sink, some cupboards and a shared refrigerator. In each dormitory there is a laundry which you can use any time you want. Foreigners studying at Gdańsk University receive places in the student houses only if they are given Polish Government grants. The University will also try to provide places for foreign students participating in the SOCRATES / ERASMUS Programme. The cost of accommodation in the student hall of residence is about 300-400PLN monthly per person in a double room. One-room flat rented by students costs on average 850PLN per month. The University also has two Teacher’s Hostels, where young scientific workers live. The University does not have its own canteen. Students preparing meals themselves have to be prepared for expenses of about 600PLN per month.

Author: Gabriela Leoniec, The Computer Centre
Translator: Gabriela Leoniec, The Computer Centre
Last updated: 08.10.2010