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Communication and transport in the Tri-city

The University buildings are placed throughout the whole Tri-city, so you may often need to travel between the cities. The public transport system in Gdańsk includes 10 tramlines and 84 bus lines (including 8 night bus lines) and 110 bus lines in Gdynia. There is a time-limit system of fares in Gdańsk; a ticket punched in one vehicle (bus or tram) is valid for a given period of time, even when changing lines. In Gdynia tickets are of single use: one ticket for one ride. In all the three cities the time of punching in buses and trams is printed on the ticket. Students are given 50% discount on ticket fares (after showing their student identity cards). You can also purchase a daily, monthly or quarterly pass. We recommend buying a monthly or quarterly pass which is a reasonably cheap way of traveling. The three cities are interconnected by a local train called SKM (Szybka Kolej Miejska – The Fast City Train). The journey between the main stations of Gdańsk and Gdynia lasts about 35 minutes. In rush hours the train leaves every 10 minutes, at other times every 30 minutes, with break between 1 and 4 a.m. There is a distance-limit system of fares on SMK, so while buying the ticket you should say where you want to get to. The ticket must be punched at a railway station, before ascending the train. Students are given 37% discount on ticket fares. There are weekly, monthly, or quarterly passes available. There is a large system of taxi transportation. Taxis can be called on the phone in such a case they offer various discounts (usually 20-40%).
Author: Gabriela Leoniec, The Computer Centre
Translator: Gabriela Leoniec, The Computer Centre
Last updated: 28.06.2005