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Application procedure for non-EU students

Academic year starts on 1st October, each year.

Recruitment for academic year 2015/2016 will start on 4th May and last until 31st July, 2015.

The procedure step by step:

  1. Fill in the online Admission Application.

  2. Wait for the answer from University of Gdansk. We will send you the individual password which gives you access to the English test.

  3. Take a test which will assess your knowledge of English and wait for the result.

  4. Collect all documents required for application at the University of Gdansk – listed below.

  5. Send us the color scans of these documents by e-mail to and wait for information if you are admitted or not.

  6. Pay the 1st year fee (increased by 200euro) and cover the bank transfer cost.

  7. After we receive the payment we will send you an official admission letter by courier (with the official letter and payment confirmation from the bank you will be able to apply for a visa).

Note: If for some reason you are not given a visa, the University returns the fee decreased by: 200euro and the cost of bank transfer.


Documents essential to apply for studies at the University of Gdańsk
(mentioned in p.5 above):

  1. Passport copy – pages with photo and personal details

  2. Secondary School Certificate/ BA Diploma (if applicable) – appropriately legalized and validated (see in: DOCUMENTS – in detail below)

  3. Transcript/ marks record (only if you are applying for a Master Degree course)

  4. Information saying that you are entitled to apply for any kind of tertiary studies – to be issued by the Polish Consulate or educational authorities in the country of school certificate issue (only if you are applying for a Bachelor Degree course) 

  5. Health certificate of no obstacles to take up studies

  6. Insurance policy or insurance declaration

  7. 4 recent color photos (37 mm x 52 mm): full-face photo on light background

Note: Please do not send us documents in languages other than English or Polish.



Author: Monika Andersohn-Kaleta
Last updated: 22.04.2015