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Internet in departments

University of Gdańsk is part of the Tricity Academic Computer Network (TASK). The Computing Center of the University of Gdańsk is connected to the internet with 10 Gbit Ethernet link. This also inculdes the main university web server, mail serve and e-learning server. Other university buildings are connected using 1Gbit or 100 Mbit links. Every computer at the university is connected to the Internet using copper, ethernet link with 100Mbps speed.

If you want to use computer in your department you should contact local system administrator responsible for this department or person responsible for this computer.

If you want to connect your computer to the network in the department you should contact local system administrator.

For information about the WiFi eduroam network @ UG, please check the eduroam@UG website.

Author: Zbigniew Ruszczyk, The Computer Centre
Translator: Zbigniew Ruszczyk, The Computer Centre
Last updated: 08.10.2010

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