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Internet @ student dormitories and teachers’ hostels

Every lodger can utilize the internet connection in his room at the dormitory or teachers’ hostel (100 Mbits Ethernet). To use it he/she

  • should own:
    • a laptop or desktop computer
    • an ethernet card with RJ45 port
    • UTP patchcord with RJ45 ends (3-meter long)
  • should fill user form, where the following information is necessary
    • the ethernet card MAC address
    • the period of declared usage of the internet connection
    • signature
  • should contact dormitory internet administrator
    • to give him signed form
  • should obey the University of Gdansk computer regulations (English version is on the way)

In the case of any problems with internet connection everyone should first:

  • Check if his/her computer is free of viruses, trojans, etc. If it doesn’t solve the problem:
    • Check physical connection to the network. If it doesn’t solve the problem:
      • Contact dormitory internet administrator (the list). If he can’t solve the problem:
        • Contact Computing Center Network Administrator (link) responsible for dormitories
Author: Zbigniew Ruszczyk, The Computer Centre
Translator: Zbigniew Ruszczyk, The Computer Centre
Last updated: 08.06.2011