The University of Gdańsk 

The University of Gdańsk Studying at the University of Gdansk

Study Regulations

Study Regulations (Resolution of the UG Senate No 12/12 of 29 March 2012).


  1. General rules
  2. Length of and organization of the academic year
  3. Conditions for and the conducting of classes and student internships
  4. Grading scale applied and ways in which student achievement is expressed in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and transferring and recognizing courses passed by students
  5. Diploma dissertations and examinations
  6. Individual study plans and curriculums and inter-field courses of study
  7. Pursuing studies in another course, faculty, or tertiary-level institution and changing course of study or form of studies
  8. Leave from courses
  9. Striking students from the list and terminating courses of study
  10. Re-admission and resumption of courses of study
  11. Prizes and distinctions
Last updated: 22.10.2012

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