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The University of Gdańsk Press was founded in 1970. It dveloped from the merging of the two publication departments at the Higher Pedagogical School in Gdańsk and the Higher Economics School in Sopot. This is currently the oldest and biggest publishing house in the whole region of northern Poland. It publishes academic textbooks, theses, monographs, as well as series and documents. In the forty years of its existence, it has published over 3,000 titles. Its total print run is 1,200, 000 copies. Many of these books have helped build the status of the University of Gdańsk among academic institutions and also in northern Poland. In 2002, the City Council of Gdańsk awarded the UG Press the Duke Mściwój [Mestwin] II Medal in recognition of its outstanding services to Gdańsk.

The University of Gdańsk Press has presented its publications at national and international book fairs. Every year, it participates in the Wrocław Scientific Book Fair, the International Book Fair in Warsaw and the National Book Fair in Kraków. The publications of the UG Press have received many prestigious prizes, including Book of the Year, and have won awards for outstanding artwork. They have also won awards from the Minister for National Education and the Rector of the University of Gdańsk. The publishing house presents selected titles at the exhibitions of Polish scientific/scholarly books organised abroad by the Association of Publishers of Academic Books, of which it is a founder-member. To date, the books of the UG Press have been seen at exhibitions in Paris, London, Vienna, Rome, Stockholm, Prague, Lvov, Vilnius and Kiev, and at innumerable book launches and presentations in Poland and around the world.

Among the books published in the recent past, several will undoubtedly go down in the history of their disciplines, including Gdańskie Gimnazjum Akademickie (vol. 1-4); J. Kochanowski, Carmina latina. Poezja łacińska (prepared by. Z. Głombiowska); J. Iluk, Żydowska politeja i Kościół w imperium rzymskim u schyłku antyku; K. Puchowski, Jezuickie kolegia szlacheckie Rzeczypospolitej obojga narodów; A. Machnikowska, Wymiar sprawiedliwości w Polsce w latach 1944-1950;  J. Warylewski, Kara. Podstawyfilozoficzne i historyczne; a series of translations of outstanding works of European humanism “Literatura i okolice”; H. Ćwikliński (ed.), Polityka gospodarcza; and E. Pietrzak, M. Markiewicz (ed.), Finanse, bankowość i rynki finansowe.

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Author: Beata Czechowska-Derkacz
Translator: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Last updated: 07.01.2010